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About Us

The Indian flying community is an organization that was founded to provide opportunities and guidance for Indian flying enthusiasts those who are willing to build their drones, RC planes, fpv drones, or those who want to be drone pilots. Our journey started when we found that there is a lack of community in India, many youths feel like they are behind on international technology updates and innovations. We aim to change this by providing a platform that allows people to explore, share, ask, question, and work with other aviation enthusiasts. This will not only help them learn more about what is happening in the industry but also allow them to upgrade their skills exponentially!

  • International exposure of drone communities.

  • India’s First event and meetup platform.

  • Free discussion forum & mentorships

  • Dedicated flying ground.

From making to flying, we have it all!

Why we started Indian Flying Community (IFC)??

  • No national-level Aerospace community to help UAV Enthusiasts

  • India’s First event and meetup platform.

  • We started the Indian Flying Community because we noticed that there was not a community in India for aviation enthusiasts to explore, share questions and work with other like-minded people. This causes a lack of guidance and experience which ultimately leaves our country at the back foot in Aerospace Technology. 

  • While we were trying to figure out how we can solve this problem, we also found that our youth was not getting international exposure. This makes them feel like they are lacking behind in terms of technology and updates happening at an international level which is why IFC provides a platform for young people who want to explore the niche domain of Aerospace Engineering.

  • Young talent needs the opportunity to show up their skills internationally! 

With the introduction of drones in India, a lot of opportunities have come to light. But most people are not aware of this new industry and how they can take advantage of it. Founders of IFC aimed to support those who want to explore these new horizons by giving them knowledge about the domain with workshops and exclusive networking events happening all over the country!

The Indian Flying Community aims at solving these problems which is why we started providing guidance and tools so that any person with a hobby in aviation has an opportunity to reach their full potentials. The organization also arranges different kinds of activities like conferences, talks sessions, flying meet-ups, exhibitions, etc., where people get an insight into some nice technologies available internationally but are lagging with our domestic market because there was a lack of community in India.

The Indian Flying Community is assembling a global network for UAV enthusiasts through workshops & exclusive networking events happening all over the country! The Indian Flying Community aims at solving these problems which is why we started providing guidance and tools so that anyone can become a UAV developer or pilot.

What is Special about The Indian Flying Community?

  • Dedicated flying ground: We have our own dedicated flying ground where you can explore all your potential and possibilities. This helps us in learning new things and making the best of them.

  • International exposure of drone communities: We believe that there is no use in learning anything until and unless you upgrade yourself according to international standards. We connect you with international communities, experts, and developers so that you can learn things easily and more perfectly.

  • Works on innovation: We believe in empowering people with the latest techniques and innovations. We help them in building their own drone, remote control, or any other related stuff. We want to innovate and incorporate aerospace technology in day-to-day life like food delivery, medicine delivery, etc.

  • Free discussion forum, mentorships, and teachings: We connect members to each other by providing them a platform to discuss anything related to drones. We also provide mentorships and teaching for those who want to learn things in detail about drone making, flying, or any other related kinds of stuff.

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