Our mission is to enable smooth and secure operation of UAS / RPAS (Unmanned Aircraft / Remote Piloted Aircraft System) in India, under the purview of the rules and regulations envisaged and published by the Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) and Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).


Build a completely digital, secure, and scalable platform, meant to onboard and enable various stakeholders including government agencies, regulators, manufacturers, service providers, operators, remote pilots, traders, exporters/importers, training institutes, etc. and UAS / RPAS (Drones) in order to achieve the mission.


DigitalSky is a Ministry of Civil Aviation initiative, a highly secure and scalable platform that supports technology frameworks such as NPNT (No permission no take-off) designed for enabling flights permission digitally and managing Unmanned Aircraft operations and traffic efficiently.

The DigitalSky platform offers various services and workflows through a host of applications available on the web and mobile platforms. These applications provide its users a seamless experience and ease of having a single-window operation for activities such as:

1. Obtaining various certifications and approvals for registration purposes
2. Managing UAS / RPAS and remote pilots
3. Preparing flight plans and obtaining flight approvals clearance
4. Reporting and analyzing flight logs for deviations from the flight plan
5. Providing various certifications/approvals to applications and flight plans
6. Administration and management of various users and equipment
7. Providing technical and customer support
8. Functionality to report occurrences such as accidents and incidents


Every UAS / RPAS sold in India under the regulations published by DGCA for UAS / RPAS must have a secure mechanism built on to the equipment to self-authenticate its permission to take-off. It is made possible through a digitally signed document called a Permission Artefact (machine-readable) which when read by the equipment establishes its authenticity and permission to fly. This technology framework is referred to as NPNT (No Permission No Take-off). The framework plays an important role in ensuring various measures of safety and security of a flight by enforcing UAS / RPAS not to take off without digitally signed permission from DigitalSky.

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