Indian flying community as a non-profit organization aims to provide an on-ground experience to all its members. Whether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced, it doesn’t matter. You have a chance to show up your talent.

IFC Flying Meet-ups

Meetups are conducted two times every month in all major cities of India. Drone Meetup is a platform, where drone pilots and beginners can share their experience with other members and also get to know new people who have similar interests. Drone meetup is hosted by volunteers and we don’t charge any money from anyone for this meetup. This is also conducted by volunteers to introduce drone racing. In these events, our experts guide beginners on how to fly FPV Drone. Our experts also guide about Drone Racing rules and regulations, Drone making, Drone repairing, etc.


Drone racing is a new and exciting global sport that has transformed the way people across the world watch professional sports. Pilots race drones at speeds of 90 MPH, traveling through some of the most challenging courses you can imagine, with races broadcasted on major networks of the Indian flying community. The combination of digital technology and real-world competition provides an innovative experience unlike anything else in human history!

IFC Drone building sessions

This is a platform where Drone Racing enthusiasts and Drone Pilots can get hands-on experience on Drone making, assembling, repairing, etc. There will be an active prize distribution ceremony. Drone build-off competition is conducted for Drone Pilots where they have to make a drone that can fly maximum distance and height with the best technology along with Drone building sessions. This will be of its kind event in India wherein Drone makers, Drone racing enthusiasts and Drone pilots from all over India will participate.

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